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What is the student's grade point average (GPA)?

This figure shows your level of learning achievements. The cumulative GPA sums up your grades and credit hours and demonstrates their average value. As a convenient and comprehensive figure, it is commonly used by modern colleges and universities to determine an applicant's academic success, that is how effectively he/she studies.

So, let's find out your GPA — try our online instrument!

Calculator of GPA: Step-by-step instruction

Our Form determines the student's GPA on the basis of his/her grades and credits. Everything is easy, transparent, and quick.

  • 1. Please, fill in all the fields of our form. It is convenient to do line by line.
  • 2. Put the name of your school subject. It does not influence the result; this field is given for your comfortable navigation.
  • 3. Choose the grade for every course. Please, note that we use the letter grade here.
  • 4. Add the number of earned credits.
  • 5. Push the button to calculate the result.
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Why calculate your current GPA?

Your future professors take the GPA as a crucial parameter determining your intellectual capacity, diligence, talents, and learning skills. If you are going to continue your education after high school, make sure your GPA is enough for the future college or university.

  • Learn the real overall picture of your academic achievements
    Our online instrument clearly illustrates your school performance. With a letter grading system, it might be challenging to guess the GPA instantly, yet our online instrument makes it possible right now.
  • Determine your strengths and weaknesses
    Due to this convenient form, you can easily see how different course credits and grades influence the average rating. Maybe, only one С spoils everything. Change the real figures into the desired marks, and you'll see how your GPA changes. If you have at least one semester before the school graduation, determine the present GPA and save the table. The situation can change in both directions. We hope you will work hard to reach your goals. Afterward, you can compare actual grades and credits with the initial figures and enjoy the progress.
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Our Grade Points Calculator: How it works

As a serious and experienced online agency, we have analyzed several ways on how to learn the GPA. For this online instrument, we have chosen the formula that is generally used by US colleges and universities.

The classic formula to learn the student's GPA is:


The below table with an example shows everything clearly.

Grade Credits Grade*Credits
A 4 5 20
B 3 4 12
C 2 3 6
D 1 2 2
A 4 5 20
Total: 19 60
GPA: 3.16

You can check your data — input the information into our calculator. Once you enter grades and credits for your classes, the program is activated. It takes only several seconds to receive the answer!

Our experience of using this Grade Point Average Tool

Our instrument is based on well-thought-out algorithms. We have tested its functions for various situations. For now, we can claim with confidence that it's absolutely reliable and precise. If our instructions are not enough, please, ask your questions on the chat.

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How to calculate a GPA correctly?

You can use our calculator to determine your average rating; still do not forget about some specific factors influencing the real GPA. Formulas and the rules of transforming letter grades into figures can vary depending on the government, state, and inner laws of the college. To avoid misunderstandings, please, learn this information in advance.

1. Compare letter and numerical grades

The biggest difficulty concerning GPA calculation is turning the letter grades into numerical ones (4.0 scale). We adhere to the popular US system presented in the table.

Normal Courses Honors/AP Courses
Grade Percentage GPA Percentage GPA
A 90-100 3.67-4.00 94-100 4.50-5.00
B 80-89 2.67-3.66 87-93 3.50-4.49
C 70-79 1.67-2.66 80-86 2.50-3.49
D 60-69 0.67-1.66 75-79 1.50-2.49
E/F 0-59 0.00-0.66 0-74 0.00-1.49

With its help, you can easily see the patterns. For instance, "A"= 3.7, "B"= 3.3, "B"= 2.7, "C"= 2.3, "C"= 1.7, "D"= 1.0, "F"= 0, etc. If you want to become a student of a particular college, learn, if their system is the same.

2. Check the formula for GPA

Please, note that some schools and universities can have a different approach to calculating the student's GPA. For example, there could be peculiarities with estimating AP (advanced placement) programs, weighted and unweighted credits, evaluation periods, etc. You can read this information on the website of the chosen college or contact their admissions board.

What if your GPA is high enough to enter college?

  • So, you have calculated your GPA, and it is suitable for most universities. You must have done a good job, congratulations! High grades prove your interest in the chosen knowledge field, diligence, talent, respect for rules, etc. Our online agency is ready to help you with the further steps towards the dream college.
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